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About Jolt

What is Jolt?

Jolt combines an alarm clock with new EDM music. We were sick of hearing the same ringtone every morning and figured a music player combined with an alarm clock would do the trick.

Where can I download?!

Check out our homepage and select iOS or Android!

How does it work?

Simply set the alarm time, hit the check box, and wake up to a new song at the desired time!

How are songs selected?

We acquire music from several sources. We primarily contact artists on Facebook and Soundcloud. We then invite the artists to submit their music on our website submission form ( Anyone can submit music, however the curators at Jolt will hand select music. We make sure it's Jolt-worthy.

The song is "featured"- What does that mean?

The way Jolt is currently designed to play a song for ONE 24 hour period. After this period is complete, the next song will be featured. Each song is only featured temporarily- Jolt doesn't own the music. This prevents both parties be respectful of ownership issues.

What else are you adding?

We can take Jolt several directions, however we like the current trajectory. We don't want to be an app that features music, promotes concert tickets, and sells you a loyalty programs for fast food breakfast. It's about the music and improving your morning. We can envision expanding genres, increasing featured music, and even developing Bluetooth devices. Have suggestions? Email

How can I submit my music?!

Fill out the form at

What if I have a business inquiry?